MOASMock is here!!!

Finally it is ready. I have created an ETS file using Enthuware’s ETS Editor. This file contains all the questions that I have found and was able to load. I will slowly add other material such as notes and tutorials to it as well.

I have uploaded the file to eSnips for now. The url is

To use the file, you have to use ETS Viewer from 

This has taken a lot of my time and I am now angry with myself why I spent so much time on it instead on focusing on SCJP studies. I guess the negativity shown by some people on JavaRanch thread ( ) really pushed me to do it. I just hope the effort was worth it 🙂

Please post any bugs or suggestions here so that I can update it. I wanted to categorize all the questions into exam objectives but I am so tired. If you have time, please do help with this.

And BTW, I named it as MOASMock – Mother of All SCJP Mocks 😀

Credits – I have collected questions that were available on the net and were given out by people for free.  I have only put that material in one place. (Please read my previous post to understand why I did it.) The name of the author whose material is used is also displayed.  If you are an author and if you don’t like your material to benefit more number of people, please let me know and I will remove it.


One Response to “MOASMock is here!!!”

  1. Ahmad Says:

    I’m unsure of how to contact you so I posted on the site. On page 246 of Sierra/Bates, it specifies that

    Shorts & Integers from -128 to 127 will return true for the == test contrary to the Q. 21 of Java Rules Roundup 1 question on the MOAMock ets exam. Please advise.

    Thank you very much for your hard work. I’m sorry you had to deal with so much negative criticism, but the fact you persevered and possibly helped so many people is truly a remarkable feat. Thanks also to all those who helped you!

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