Collection of 1200 SCJP mock questions…

I have now collected about 1200 questions from various sources over the web. I have asked for permission from the authors. I have received replies from some.

Initially, I though of just copying the questions in DOC file or even text file. But as the number of questions increased, the file was getting to difficult to open. So I figured how difficult will it be use. So I started looking for free mock exam simulators that can store the questions and allow users to attempt the questions as in a regular exam format.

I tried out Java.Inquisition from and then Paul A of suggested me to use their Enthuware Test Studio. He helped me with loading and organizing the questions within an “ets question bank”.

I am giving some final touches to the collection and will upload it somewhere soon. (Any suggestions where I should upload it? ) The data file is about 3 MB. It is quite small considering that it contains almost 1200 questions.


One Response to “Collection of 1200 SCJP mock questions…”

  1. jx Says:

    That’s great! Can’t wait to get the ets…

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