Mock Questions for SCJP

There are tons of free questions for preparing for SCJP. Here is the list: List of SCJP Mock Exams

However, I am surprized that there is no one place or way to access these questions. You can either spend money to purchase mock exam simulators or you have to spend so much time in trying to go through different websites to get questions.

So I thought why not collect all the free questions and put them in one place so we don’t have to spent time or money.  I posted my thoughts here : Looking for free mock exams with sections

The issue is not new questions but increasing the value and reach of existing ones. It just another dimension. I don’t want to write new questions because there are thousands available, more than enough, already. What is not there is one place and one way to access them. So I want to focus on that.

I am now looking for ways to collect all the questions in one place.


2 Responses to “Mock Questions for SCJP”

  1. Amanda Ami Says:

    I think that you must be aware of copyright issues. Questions in some free mock exams are copyrighted by their authors. I like to suggest you to get questions from non-copyrighted resources; otherwise something may be happen due to the law.

  2. rashijain Says:

    Thanks Amanda. I am using only free question and have asked for permissions from authors. Some have replied and some haven’t.

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